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Alvin Tam

I started my career in the arts as a professional circus performer when I was 19. I spent years analyzing the quality of human movement, looking at different angles to understand its execution and interpreting form combined with action. In reality I was building a foundation for the choreography of life before a lens.

The way you do anything is the way you do everything. – Alvin Tam, Director

When we approach a project, it’s not really about trying to capture a scene on camera. The essential objective is the same, regardless of its medium – film, stage or print. It’s about uncovering the moment’s authentic meaning and exposing it for others to experience. Beauty is always revealed when truth is uncovered.



ur creative process is not a process: we don’t fold your vision into a cookie-cutter mould. We start first by identifying what is most significant for your project. What do you want to visually express that would have maximum emotional impact on your audience? We believe that true emotion inspires decisive action. It begins with your why, before the how.

Once we’ve understood your raison d’etre and aligned with your principles, we explore the what, where and how of your piece – the style of shooting, the cameras, location and so on. Every step supports the primary premise of your vision; it’s putting the horse before the cart and ensuring that your purpose is never compromised.


  • Alvin Tam
    Alvin Tam Director
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    Derrick Webber Cameras & Aerial
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    Clayton Moore Director of Photography
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